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Cable links can be used by DesignaKnit 7 and the following product levels of DesignaKnit 8:
Machine Standard, Machine Pro, and Complete.

Some electronic knitting machines contain a memory, to which DesignaKnit can download stitch patterns using a cable link. Stitch patterns can also be uploaded from some of these machines into DesignaKnit.

There are also links that enable Interactive Knitting with almost any type of knitting machine, including non-electronic manual or punch card machines.

During Interactive Knitting, the DesignaKnit user sees row by row instructions for shaping and colour changes, and can opt for a variety of audible alerts. With each pass of the carriage the screen is updated to show the progress of the work.

Cable Links are suitable for all kinds of knitting techniques including plain knitting.

Pattern Integration

Patterns may be downloaded as a simple swatch, or they can be downloaded integrated with a garment piece, which means they are automatically adjusted so that the stitch pattern appears on the work exactly as it was superimposed on the garment piece during the design process.

DesignaKnit 8 - New Interactive Knitting Features

DesignaKnit 8 is able to show instructions for changing knitting technique, and to give audible alerts for rows that contain stitch cables or certain stitch symbols.

Cable links are available for the following types of machine and patterning device:

Silver Reed / Knitmaster / Studio / Singer

DesignaKnit Cable Links

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Brother / Knitking

Passap / Pfaff

Punchcard or other non-electronic machines