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Cable Links - Troubleshooting guide

This guide covers all the cable links that interface direct to DesignaKnit. It does not cover the USB BrotherLink 4 (Cartridge Cable) or BrotherLink 7 (FB100 Link), which use their own software and not DesignaKnit.

The HandKnit product level of DesignaKnit 8 and 9 is not able to use the cable links.

If you are not sure which link you have, and the label on your link is no longer readable, go to DesignaKnit Cable Links, select the make of machine, and identify your link from the photos.

Driver Updates.

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Port is not available Other problem

When you try to use the cable link, does DesignaKnit
give a message saying that the port is not available?

If you’ve followed the relevant pages of this troubleshooting guide and the problem persists, it could be caused by a faulty cable - contact your technical support. See DesignaKnit’s Help / Technical support window for details or find your national distributor here.

Cable Link Manuals

The latest versions of the DesignaKnit cable link manuals are available here.