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5 x 2 Ribbed Cardigan - by Christine Sabot

Download shape file

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Inspiration: For ease of use, I like to wear light and tight-fitting cardigans rather than pullovers in the winter. The shape is a very classical one which can be used over and over again, in  many colours and textures.

Size: S (Bust - waist - hips: 88 - 67- 96 cm)

Category: Knitting: * - Zipper sewing: **

Machine: Passap E6000

Yarn: Suzette Saint Lievin (0/15 Nm - 60% acrylic - 30% wool  - 10% polyamide). 3 strands.

Total amount used: 246 grs.


Gauge: 10 x 10 cm:  

Stitch pattern:


The basic shape (back, front and sleeves) was created in DesignaKnit Original Pattern Drafting to my own measurements.

Knitting tips and finishing

  1. The zipper should be as lightweight as possible. It should be washed and ironed first.
  2. When it is ready, insert it between the 2 fronts, without pulling or gathering too much. It should lay flat. Pin and sew.
  3. On the inside of the garment, I usually do a hem stitch along the zipper on the fronts and neckline seam, for a neat finish.

Gallery garment

There is no stitch pattern to download for this garment