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Baby Jacket  - by Cathie Sanders

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Inspiration: I wanted to make a warm jacket for my grandson that was easy to put on.

Size: Chest/Waist 23 inches, finished length 13 inches.

Category: **

Machine: Brother standard gauge.



Gauge per inch:

The first picture shows the back of the jacket.

The second picture shows the front of the jacket while the third shows the inside.

Stitch pattern


Interactive Knitting Notes

  1. Break off the yarn and start again from the original e-wrap on the right side or
  2. Use a second cone of yarn.  
    I broke the yarn, finished the right side, and then continued using the same cone when the left side was added back into work.  Either way you will be breaking the yarn.  
    The same holds true at the opposite
    end, except DesignaKnit will prompt you to put one side in hold. You will be knitting an upside-down neckline to start with and ending a right side up neckline.

Knitting tips and finishing

  1. Fold up the body pieces until the stockinette lining is aligned with the fairisle top.  
  2. Lightly steam each piece again.   
  3. Match up the body and the sleeves.  
  4. Starting with the right side, stitch each seam for the shoulders, sleeves and sides.  
  5. Then seam the lining in the same way, being careful not to catch any part of the outside, including the first seam.  
  6. Finish by stitching the lining neckline to the fairisle neckline.  
  7. The last step is to insert a separating zipper.  Stitch the zipper to the opening.   I stitched the zipper to the lining by hand, but it could be done using a sewing machine.

Design Note

  1. In Original Pattern Drafting, choose New Piece.  Name it Hood.
  2. The width is the measurement from the side middle of the front, around the back, and to the side middle front.  The height is the measurement from the neckline to a point a half-inch down on the forehead.  
  3. Split the hood into two vertical rectangles.  Don’t forget to duplicate and join the duplicates to the originals so the lining will be stockinette and the outside will be fairisle.
  4. Knitting notes:

Gallery garment

Gallery garment Gallery garment Download shape file Download stitch pattern file