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Download shape file

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Download stitch pattern file


Knitwoven Bolero - by Loulou Pirotte

Gallery garment Yarn

Size: petite (Bust - waist - hips: 88 - 68 - 88 cm)

Category: *

Machine: Electronic standard gauge Brother KH965.


Total amount used: 220 grs - (100 grs main yarn - 120 grs  weaving yarn).


Gauge: 10 x 10 cm:  

Stitch pattern:

Stitch patternPattern #461 in the Stitch World book. This pattern is in DesignaKnit 8’s library (Stitch patterns/Brother/Stitch_World).

This pattern is the traditional 1 x 1 birdseye but the weaving yarn makes it look different.

Knitting method: F

Stitch pattern and shape are integrated.

The weaving yarn is threaded through the tension mast.

Knit this bolero interactively, shape only.


The  basic shape (back, fronts and sleeve) was created in Standard Garment Styling and tweaked in Original Pattern Drafting.

By “knit manually”, I mean using Interactive Knitting *without the machine*, i.e. using the UP arrow tool.

Knitting tips  and finishing

  1. Baste between the 2 markers on either side of the ‘actual edge’ of the sleeve cap (not the edge of the ‘additional cap’).
  2. Mark the centre of the sleeve just under the basted line.
  3. Place the armhole, right side facing, on the linker’s needles.
  4. Place the sleeve, wrong side facing, on those needles. Follow the basted line at the top of the sleeve.
  5. NB: do step 4 in 2 operations. (Half the sleeve at a time).