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Silverlink works with one carriage and not another

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Carriage may need a service

Problem description: A Silverlink works with one carriage and does not work with another, and the second carriage works with a different Silverlink, or an EC1, or a PC10.  Not working means there is either mispatterning or DesignaKnit reports that the carriage is going the wrong way when it isn’t. This issue applies to all types of Silverlink.

Each carriage has some internal adjustable settings that are analogue rather than digital: they are controlled by turning screws with a screwdriver. This means that it is impossible to set 2 carriages exactly the same.

A similar variability also applies to the controller (meaning the EC1, PC10, or Silverlink). Each EC1 has its own electronic components which are not identical to all others: for example no two capacitors will have exactly the same values. So one EC1 will not behave absolutely identically to another EC1. If the carriage's screw settings are slightly off, and are just on the edge of the required range, then there is an element of luck involved: they might work with one EC1 but not with a different EC1, and maybe not for a PC10 or Silverlink.

If a carriage works with an EC1 but not with a PC10 (but the PC10 works with a different carriage), then it may appear that the PC10 is not working correctly. If on the other hand it works with a PC10 but not with an EC1 (but the EC1 works with a different carriage), then it may appear that the EC1 has a fault. In reality it is the carriage settings that need to be adjusted, and neither the EC1 nor the PC10 are faulty. The same applies to Silverlinks as well as EC1s and PC10s.

The solution is to have an engineer adjust the settings to the middle of the range using any type of controller, and after this has been done the carriage should then work with all controllers.