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Some users with Windows XP or Vista have experienced problems when attempting to install or run DesignaKnit 6 or 7, or Fittingly Sew 1.2 for Windows.

A Windows error message titled “16-bit MS-DOS Subsystem” warns you that the program you are attempting to run (DesignaKnit or Fittingly Sew or the set up for either program) is not suitable for running on a 32-bit system.

This is not actually the case, but it is an error known to Microsoft and is the result of the deletion or corruption of some system files which are essential for running 16-bit programs. The fault probably occurs during the installation of some third-party software or device driver.

There is an article describing the problem in Microsoft’s knowledge base, which also gives full instructions for the remedy. Click here to go directly to the article on the Microsoft site. Please note that the CD referred to in their article is the Windows CD.

If you have experienced this problem but are not sufficiently confident to follow the instructions on the Microsoft web site, please contact Soft Byte Ltd or your national helpline operator for further assistance. Distributor details are on the Contacts page.

Alternatively, you can download and run the repair kit here:

XP 16-bit Repair Kit

Windows 7 and Vista 16-bit Repair Kit

Download the correct file to your desktop, then double-click on it to run the repair program which replaces the missing files in your systems folder. Please note that you must be logged on with Administrator privileges to run this file.

16-bit MS-DOS Subsystem Error Message

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