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Static electricity & Silverlinks 1, 2, 4 & 5

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Problem description: Any kind of mispatterning or carriage direction errors that can’t be fixed in other ways.

In a very warm dry room static electricity can build up, especially when knitting with synthetic yarns. Yarn clinging to hands, tiny sparks or crackling sounds, are signs of static. Under extreme conditions these might affect the operation of a Silverlink.

Static can be prevented from building up by attaching an earthing wire to the knitting machine bed and connecting the other end to an electrical earth, such as the earth pin in a domestic electric mains plug, or a water or gas pipe. Do not attempt attaching to a mains plug unless there is no possibility that you will accidentally connect to the wrong pin.

An earthing wire may be attached to an SK840 bed as follows. Loosen the 3 screws that are outlined in red below. This enables the end of the steel part of the bed to be lifted a couple of mm (a tenth of an inch) away from the plastic housing. Remove the plastic insulation from the wire at both ends. Insert one end behind the metal plate near the bottom screw so that it makes electrical contact with the bed. Tighten the screws, trapping the wire as shown, and attach the other end to an electrical earth.

How to attach earthing wire Where to attach earthing wire