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If you are using Interactive Knitting select Options / Knitting Machine, or in Stitch Designer select Options / Method of Knitting.

If you have DesignaKnit 8 or 9 Complete, and you selected Method of Knitting, you might need to select the button with the machine knitting icon at this point in order to see the options for machine knitting.

Click on the selected knitting machine. This will open up the list of knitting machines. Check that the correct machine is selected and click the Setup button.

If the selected machine can work with more than one type of cable link, this window will enable you to indicate which type of cable link you are using. If so, the top left of the Knitting Machine Setup window will show a drop-down list of link types.

If the Link type option is visible, make sure the correct link is selected. If your cable type is not specifically listed, select “Magnetic switch link” for any of the cable links that use a magnet arm and a detector box marked with a red spot. These are:

   USB BrotherLink 1, 3, or 5

   Serial BrotherLink 2, 4 or 5

   USB SilverLink 3 or SilverLink 3 Plus

   USB E6000Link 1 or 2

   Serial E6000Link 2

   Serial E8000Link

   USB or serial ScreenLink

If the Find Link button is not available, this means that the selected link type cannot be found using Find Link. If so, return to here.

Click on the Find Link button and then the Start Search button.

For the magnetic switch type of links, the detection process is very simple and may give a false positive detection. In other words, it might find a different device or component of your computer and wrongly believe that it has found a DesignaKnit cable link. If your link has a KnitLink Arm, you can test whether this has happened by touching the magnet end of the arm to the red spot on the detector box. If DesignaKnit has found the port for your link, the Find link window will briefly flash red and the computer will beep.

If the flashing & beeping doesn’t happen it probably means that there had been a false positive detection and you should continue searching, but starting from a higher port number. For example if it wrongly detected the cable at port 5, set the range of ports so that it begins a new search at port 6, and again click the Start Search button.

After doing the search, the port number for that knitting machine will be set automatically to the port that the cable was detected on. Click OK and OK again to exit.

This newly assigned port number should solve the problem that you were having about the port being unavailable. If after doing this there is a different problem, please start the guide again from here.

Using Find Link

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