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DesignaKnit overview

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Select from a range of standard garments, apply standard size tables or your own measurements, and adjust the styling features. Garments designed in this way can be knitted as they are, or used as a starting point for your own original design in Original Pattern Drafting.

Here are the main stages in making a design. In this example we’ll choose a cardigan with set-in sleeves. Centimetres or inches can be used throughout.

The basic garment is then displayed along with a sleeve piece.

There’s a choice of symmetric and asymmetric skirts, with a range of styling features…

A garment can be based on a standard size or on a set of body measurements that you have stored on file.

The standard size can then be adjusted to fit a particular person, or a completely new set of measurements can be entered. Diagrams show how to take measurements.

Designing a skirt Arrow Skirt styling Arrow Set-in sleeve cardigan Arrow

Sleeve cap dimensions can be adjusted for gathers or extra fullness.

Set-in sleeve head Arrow Arrow Making the shoulder slope Arrow Body styling Arrow Making a set-in sleeve top Arrow Body measurements Arrow Standard sizes Arrow

For this example we’ll take a standard size.

A variety of styling features can then be selected.

Here a shoulder drop is being specified.

Garment type

Standard Garment Styling

Choosing a standard garment…

Skirts too!


The garment is now ready to integrate with stitch patterns in Stitch Designer, develop the shaping further in Original Pattern Drafting, take into Interactive Knitting, or print out knitting instructions.

Sleeve head styling