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DesignaKnit is the ideal tool for several stages in the commercial production of knitted garments.

Industrial designers use DesignaKnit to make samples of stitch patterns and integrated original garment pieces, which are then input to industrial knitting machines (more).

The complete control over garment shaping that DesignaKnit provides enables almost any garment shape to be modelled at industrial tensions.

Businesses that use domestic or semi industrial knitting machines for garment production can use a variety of cable links and interfaces to control the manufacturing process from DesignaKnit.

Solutions for Business

Fittingly Sew uses the tried and tested method of first producing a “sloper” garment for a given set of body measurements. The prime purpose of the sloper is to test whether the body measurements are correct and produce a well fitting garment. A wide variety of patterns can then be based on the sloper with complete confidence.

This procedure guarantees that even for unusual body shapes the result will be a good fit and will give your customers reason to come back for more.

Fittingly Sew provides as much flexibility of design as you have with pencil and paper - it is even used by businesses producing theatrical and historical costumes or dolls’ clothes.

The combination of flexibility and reliability means that Fittingly Sew is an essential tool when a perfect fit is required.

Any graphic images including photos can be used as a basis for totally original colour patterns using spatial distortions, geometric reflections and colour effects. This groundbreaking section is suitable for industrial fabric design as well as producing the files needed for small scale digital fabric printing.


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Contact your distributor for information about obtaining a network licence. Install DesignaKnit or Fittingly Sew onto shared media and access from a specified number of networked workstations.

Fittingly Sew