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DesignaKnit patterns by Loulou Pirotte


Knitweave Jacket

Gallery garment Gallery garment

Passap Tuck Jacket

Gallery garment

Prince of Wales Jacket

The patterns in this gallery are published by Soft Byte Ltd in good faith and have been checked for accuracy. However, we do not provide any warranty, either expressed or implied, nor are successful results guaranteed.

We believe that the gallery patterns are the original work of these authors. We will not be held responsible for any real or imagined copyright infringement.

Gallery garment

3-colour DBJ Jacket

Gallery garment

FNR Jacket

Thank you to Loulou, whose work inspired us to set up this Gallery, and who will be remembered fondly in the knitting groups that she helped to organise.

Gallery garment

Bolero with Tie

Gallery garment Gallery garment

Knitwoven Bolero

Petal Sleeve Bolero

Gallery garment Gallery garment

White Poncho

Diagonal Pintuck Sweater

DesignaKnit patterns by Christine Sabot

Ribbed Cardigan

Contact details for Christine Sabot


DesignaKnit pattern by Cathie Sanders

Baby Jacket

Contact details for Cathie Sanders



Gallery garment

Montpellier, France

Neuville-en-Condroz, Belgium

Tennessee, USA

Gallery garment

Ski Underwear Suit

The downloadable stitch pattern files are intended for use with DesignaKnit 8 & 9. If they are used with earlier versions, some modifications may be required in order to obtain the correct needle selection.

Gallery garment

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