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Graphics Studio - from picture to knitting pattern

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DesignaKnit overview


Graphics Studio enables the conversion of standard graphic image files to DesignaKnit stitch patterns. Photographs, scans, screen shots of other software, and graphic art can all be used.

It is possible to control exactly how image colours are converted to yarn colours. Yarn colours can be picked from the image - or any shade can be specified. The number of stitches and rows and the number of yarn colours per knitted row can also be entered.

Garment piece Arrow One repeat Arrow One repeat Arrow Placing the grid Arrow A scanned punch card

This punch card has been scanned crookedly, but it doesn’t matter because Graphics Studio’s grid can be positioned to match it exactly…

Converting a pattern diagram…

Converting a photo…

The resulting stitch pattern can appear to contain many colours because of the careful distribution of yarns.

The photo has been converted to a stitch pattern of 140 stitches by 204 rows, using just these 3 yarn colours altogether.

The previewed result

Coloured and integrated with a garment piece.

The resulting stitch pattern

Stitch pattern from photo Arrow Tree photo 4-colour pattern Arrow Photo

Converted to 2, 3, and 4 colour stitch patterns

DesignaKnit now has a greatly improved method for converting photographic images to stitch patterns, capturing the original image in much better detail.

Original photo

3 yarn colours Photo Arrow Stitch pattern from photo

The pattern has been auto-corrected for 3-colour Jacquard knitting, and is also suitable for hand knitting without correction.

Original photo

Working with DesignaKnit

Going from picture to knitting pattern has never been easier.