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Manuals for DesignaKnit Cable Links

For Silver Reed & Knitmaster

USB Silverlink 3   

Serial Silverlink 3   

Silverlink 4

Silverlink 5

For Brother & KnitKing

USB Brotherlink 1   

Serial Brotherlink 1

Serial Brotherlink 2 and 5

USB Brotherlink 3

USB Brotherlink 3 Plus

Serial Brotherlink 3

USB Brotherlink 4

USB Brotherlink 5

PPD Adapter

For Passap & Pfaff

USB E6000 links 1 and 2

Serial E6000 link 1

Serial E6000 link 2

E6000 Link Switch

USB E8000 links 1 and 2

Serial E8000 links 1 and 2

For any machine

USB Screenlink

Serial Screenlink

USB to serial converter


Please press the F5 key when the manual opens. This will force a reload and will make sure that the most recent version of the manual is downloaded.