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Troubleshooting downloading with Passap E6000 Links

Serial E6000Link 2 - downloading not working

Problem description: The E6000 gives an error 213 when starting to download.

This link has a switch that must be moved for downloading so that the switch lever points away from the red spot that is next to it. (The switch must point towards the red spot for interactive knitting).

Any E6000Link - wrong sequence of key presses on console

Problem description: The E6000 gives an error 214 (and sometimes other numbers) when starting to download.

This could be because of an incorrect sequence of button presses on the E6000 console. The correct sequence is as follows. Power on, then wait until the WAIT message disappears. If it doesn’t show PROGR already, then press the key with 3 triangles pointing right until it says PROGR, then press ENT, ENT again, the required caston number (such as 1, 2, etc), ENT, NO, unlabelled key, and finally the Zero key. The console should show PC START.

Any E6000Link - PC START unavailable

Problem description: It is not possible to get to the point at which the E6000 console shows PC START.

In order to get the console to this point, it is first necessary to have the cable connected and DesignaKnit ready to download. The correct port number must have been entered in knitting machine setup - the Find Link button can be used to set this up automatically.

This could mean that the console does not have the necessary chips for downloading. The serial number underneath the console indicates whether the console had the chips in when it was purchased new. A console with serial number 6025980 or later will have the chips. A console with a serial number that begins with 6 has an 8K memory, or if it begins with 7 it has a 32K memory. If your console was upgraded at some point after purchase, the serial number cannot be used as an indicator of which chips it contains.

Any E6000Link - what memory size to use

Problem description: It is not known whether the E6000 console has an 8K or a 32K memory. DesignaKnit can download to both types of console, but you need to select the right one.

Find out the memory size as follows. Select E6000 (32K) from DesignaKnit’s knitting machine list and download a large (180 stitches x 200 rows) 2-colour pattern with technique 176.  If it downloads without error it must have 32K memory, or if it produces an error message on the console it means it has only 8K memory, in which case select E6000 (8K) from the list.

If your console has a 32K memory then DesignaKnit can make use of the larger memory, but you need to let DesignaKnit know by selecting E6000 (32K). If you want to download a pattern that doesn’t fit into the 8K or 32K memory, DesignaKnit will automatically split the pattern into smaller sections, and when doing interactive knitting it will tell you when to download the next section.

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Console language has changed

If the console’s internal battery is low, the selected language may change spontaneously to German. If the console shows “DEUTSCH” or “WARTEN” and all the messages are then in German, you can change the language by pressing the R button followed by NO. Repeat pressing NO until it shows the language that you want, then press ENT.

Cable Link Manuals

The latest versions of the DesignaKnit cable link manuals are available here.

Using any Link - do not coil up

Any excess length of cable should not be tightly coiled but should be arranged loosely away from other cables, in order to avoid electromagnetic effects.